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Zygote’s Portals (WIP): Testing portal creation, visuals and lighting in the environment.

Kinship & Patogen keys are used to open portals into Zygote’s procedurally generated worlds. In this test, the player moves to an empty area near ‘Kira’s Wall’ and drops a Kinship Key. After a few seconds, the key activates to open a Portal.

There are some placeholder objects and NPC characters in the scene. We can see some NPC interaction when Kira comes over to welcome us. We also get a quick look at the Electronic Sensor System UI (WIP).

1) Sound effects.
2) 3d models/animations for Kinship/Patogen Portal Keys.
3) Triggers to activate when player enters portal.
4) Save current world state before.
5) Loads next world when portal ‘triggered’.

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